This Dubai-Based Start-Up Connects You With Your Neighbours In The Most Brilliant Way

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Just be completely honest when you answer this question. How often do you catch-up with your neighbours? Or how often do you talk when you bump into them in the corridors or elevators? Perhaps not too often, right?

In fact, most people here are so caught up in their lives that they don’t even know who lives next door, let alone who the other tenants in the building are.

Since human interaction seems to have dropped while everyone is digitally-tuned these days, Hoodi has used that as the basis to create an EASY and more importantly FUN way to connect with those in your neighbourhood. Founder Samer Bejjani of Hoodi states, “Imagine the power of a social network where you are a few clicks away to reach your community. Our mission is to provide the ultimate way for neighbours to collaborate and foster their relations; when that happens, thriving communities will be inevitable”. 

Hoodi allows you to connect with people in the same neighbourhood, community and even building…

This magic app, available on the Play Store and App Store, brings neighbourhoods online. In short: you connect with everyone around you (just the way you used to when you were younger or back home) and it happens at the touch of a button. Think how handy this could be if you’re at work and there’s a fire or any other situation in your building. Someone could keep you notified. 

Members chat, share ideas with each other, and get recommendations and join different circles (aka groups of people who have the same interests). Consider you want to head out with mates for the night and need a babysitter to take care of your little one – Hoodi has you sorted. Or maybe you just bought a new car and you need a spot in your parking lot. Hoodi could put you in touch with that person who will willingly let you have their free space.

The best part: it’s not all fun and games. For those looking at networking with a purpose, you can offer deals if you’re a business based in the area or you can even buy and sell items in the virtual Bazaar. It could be anything from second-hand stuff you’ve wanted to part with or clothes you’ve never used. With Hoodi in hand, there will always be a taker for your things.

The team plans to introduce an events section as well as a directory, so members get all the information they may ever need in one place, without real effort. So typically Dubai *wink*


There’s no fear about who you’re interacting with…

These guys have done the hard work to ensure every member registered on the app is a verified one, so be assured you’re interacting with a ‘real person’. Also members are encouraged to use their actual photos as display pictures to keep it as honest as possible. 

It currently has hoods in Dubai and will soon have them in Abu Dhabi too…

Dubai alone has 110 hoods including pretty much everything from Baniyas to Barsha, Satwa to Springs, Marina to Motor City and everything in between.


Still have questions about this app?

The Hoodi team has answered them here

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