Dubai Municipality Have Come Up With A Simple, Yet Genius Way To Put An End To False Rumors Circulating Around Dubai

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It's pretty evident that when it comes to Whatsapp, practically everyone in Dubai relies on it. Gone are the days of SMS, email and phone calls being the be all and end all.

Well, Dubai Municipality have caught the fever and have used it to everyones advantage: in order to help quash all the endless rumors circulating around Dubai (whether it be surrounding food or public health) they've set up a Whatsapp number so that Dubai residents can ask about the validity of any rumor. 

All you need to do is send your question (or video/image) to +971501077799 and within eight hours the rumor will be validated by officials in the Dubai Municipality Department.

The Whatsapp Advert could be a bit clearer!

It took us a while to spot what this was, but once we did, we can see it's benefits and commend Dubai Municipality on their efforts. It just shows how smart a city Dubai is becoming. 

The type of rumors that will be quashed...

"Most of the rumours are about shampoos being harmful for the hair, beauty products causing skin reactions, food products being carcinogenic or contaminated and restaurants being unhygienic"

Mohammad Ahmad Al Looz, Head of the Complaints and Suggestions Section and Acting Director of the Contact Centre

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