Over 1,000 People Took Part In The #WorldRun In Dubai Today, And It Was HOT!

Temperatures reached 42 degrees

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Today, in Dubai Autodrome and on the Al Qudra road, over 1,000 people participated in the #World Run, up from 700 last year. The Wings For Life World Run takes place annually in 35 participating cities around the world, run by 206 nationalities and over 40,000 participants. 

The events tagline is ‘running for those who can’t’ in aid of finding a cure to spinal chord injury. It’s only been going since May 2014, in its third year, it’s becoming an extremely popular event. 250,000 people are badly effect by spinal chord injury each year, we are glad that Dubai took part in this charity event. 

100% of funds raised go directly to charity

The format is unique. Runners start at the same time, 3pm in Dubai, and keep going until the catch car reaches them. It starts 30 minutes after everyone else, and it goes at 15km per hour. It accelerates at intervals until all runners are caught around the world. Each county has a winner, then a global winner. 

Today, two runners, one in Canada and one in Italy surpassed 80km, then they were racing against each other until the Giorgio Calcaterra eventually won in Milan, running for 5:30 hours and completing 88km. 

lThe moment the #WorldRun race started simultaneously

Dubai takes part in the Wings For Life World Run

It started off so well

Still in the game after 10km

Someone had time for a photo in Dubai Autodrome

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Pretty Malik and Big Rossi were out to cover the event

Dying of the thirst

What heat? Making it look easy

A 6 year old manages 4kms!

Team effort

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Dubai Airports got involved!

The Lovin Dubai representative managed 16km

The female winner reached 21km

This winner in Dubai won completing 54km

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