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Eid Al Adha Is Two Days Away And It’s Already Trending On Dubai Twitter

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With Eid al-Adha just two days away the Twitterverse has already started sharing sweet messages and celebratory posts wishing their friends and family Eid Mubarak.

Eid al-Adha is known to be the Festival of the Sacrifice and is one of the two Islamic holidays celebrated globally every year, it is considered to be the holiest festival in the Islamic calendar.
Let’s take a look at all the ways people are spending their Eid this year and all the touching messages and posts that are trending on social media right now!

Social media is abuzz with how people are spending their Eid. Whilst some are enjoying fancy staycays

Others are enjoying Eid with traditional sweets

And then we have those who are chilling at home enjoying with nice home-cooked meals

The UNFPA put out a heart-warming picture of a mother and son, wishing the people of Sudan a gratifying Eid 

Giving away what you don’t need to those less fortunate than you is a beautiful gesture

The Emirates Medical Association put out a beautiful message about sharing this festival with your loved ones

Unicef Sudan shared Eid Mubarak wishes for the children of Sudan with this adorable post

Well clearly it is officially henna/mendhi season

WARNING: Do not fall asleep whilst your henna is still drying! This Twitter user shows you exactly what happens when you do *Facepalm

Emirates took it to social media to share that they will be serving a special menu to all their passengers throughout this Eid

Eid al-Adha will begin on the eve of Monday, 12 August and will end on Thursday, 15 August. So here is wishing all our readers a prosperous and blessed Eid al-Adha!

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