The Response To HH Sheikh Mohammed Giving Permanent Residency To Non-Emiratis Has Been Immensely Positive

Golden Card Uae

It's barely been a week since granting permanent residency in Dubai was announced, but the people haven't been able to STOP talking about it.

The granting of permanent residency has been a long-awaited dream for non-Emirati residents of the city.

The Golden Card, as announced by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will be giving out the 'golden card status' for investors and entrepreneurs to be granted permanent residency in the UAE. The best part is they no longer have to be Emirati to be given this.

Are you shook, or are you SHOOK?

The reaction has, so far, been incredible!

'Good initiative'

'This is why I call Dubai the best place for talent and development'

His Highness' leadership was also lauded by many online

'Most of these residents from all walks of life, countries and creed have given their all into the building up of and success of the UAE'

While others have their fingers crossed that long-time expats will soon be granted permanent residency

Who knows?

Regardless, people are still ALL for this new initiative

Read all about the 'Golden Card' in the UAE here.

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