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A Group Of Dubai Residents Got Lost And Ended Up Spending The Night In Desert Before Getting Rescued

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A group of Dubai-based expats, including three women and a toddler, set out for what was planned to be a fun weekend outing in Al Qudra desert, but turned out to be quite a nightmare instead.

10 Indians that included a set of two families decided to hit the Dubai dunes. The group reached Al Qudra in two separate vehicles at 4pm on Friday.

This is where the ordeal began

They ventured further into the desert to click some photos, and it was while returning when they lost their way and ended up getting stranded in the desert. Since it was getting late, they decided to pitch a tent and camp at the spot.

The group, exhausted and famished, began their return journey the following morning, but both their vehicles got stuck in sand. It was when they weren’t able to extricate their vehicles, they decided to seek help by calling the Dubai Police.

Dubai Police stepped in to save the day

The police promptly launched a rescue mission with the help of helicopters, where they flew in to spot their location, and then follow and rescue them with the help of GPS.

They pulled their cars out and gave them food and water.

The group was finally able to leave the desert by 3pm on Saturday.

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