Thinking of Starting a New Business in Dubai? There's 37 More companies you're now allowed to set up

Lucky...because we've always wanted to start a wax museum.

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The Dubai government has added 37 more activities to the list of permitted businesses in Dubai.

This brings the number of business activities permitted up to 2,125 and is part of the Department of Economic Development's (DED) efforts to facilitate commercial activity and business expansion in Dubai and the UAE.

Some seem fair enough, others are a little odd and then there's the ones we can't believe weren't already permitted. We've put together a few of our favourites...

Wax Museum...

We've been looking for a new place to go on dates, can't wait until the first wax museum opens, it'll be perfect. 

Wax Museum Dubai

Aerial Photography...

it's time to ditch the selfie sticks and upgrade to a drone. Expect one buzzing around you at all events and parties in the very near future!

Drone Dubai

Organising Camping trips...

Erm...haven't we all been doing this for years. Are we supposed to wait for a business to be set up so they can organise the trip for us? Have our trips not been legit? Oops.


Installation of licence plate numbers...

Yes, we definitely need more of these

Dubai License Plate

We jest of course. These new permits are a great development and we welcome them. 

One of the reasons we love living in Dubai is the diversity of jobs and opportunities available here. Meeting new people is always interesting as typically they are working on interesting things and engaged in their work. 

Work Dubai

Here are some of the other new permits you can get your hands on:

- Scientific office

- Processing plant products for pharmaceutical uses

- Consultancy for radiology diagnostic centres

- Contracting installation of central gas networks in buildings

- Aviation services co-ordination

- Veterinary research centre

- Issuance of smart tourist card services

- Collection and transfer of construction waste and demolition

- Sewing men’s clothes and military uniforms

- Sewing women’s clothes and military uniforms

- Military services representatives

- Certificates and documents attestation

- Environmental inspection and monitoring

- Real estate secretarial services

- Sports management

For more information, check out DED's website

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