I say Arabi, you say...

Do you talk like your parents?

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Dish TV ad strikes a cord with Arab Americans

The TV campaign is to promote a new TV station called Dish TV. It was created by Leo Burnett in Beirut and features a Lebanese actor. The big idea is to unite first and second generation Arab Americans. However, it also sheds light on how emigration impacts culture from one generation to the next. 

The subtle message for the satellite dish provider is that Arab ex pats in the U.S should watch Al Jazeera and Rotana to stay in touch with their culture. For expats living in Dubai, the same rule could apply, watching TV stations from your home country is one way of staying in touch!

It's all about the food!

Pronunciation of food is used in the video as a test of how in touch with your culture you are. Go on, try the following:

I say Tomato, you say...

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I say Potato, you say...

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I say Kabbeh, you say...

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I say Shawarma, you say...

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I say Falafel, you say... 

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I say Labneh, you say

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Oh and just incase your are wondering, here is how to pronounce 'Arabi'

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