An Indian Christian Has Built A Mosque In The UAE And Is Feeding Nearly 800 Muslims There During Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month of harmony and this spirit is running through everyone in the UAE, despite their background.

An Indian Christian has decided to feed 700 fasting Muslims in spirit of the holy month

The expat built the mosque last year for Muslim workers living in a worker accommodation that he rented out to 53 companies in Fujairah.

He built the Mariam Umm Eisa (Mary, the Mother of Jesus) mosque after he noticed that workers would have to commute a fairly long distance to go to the nearest mosque to offer prayers during the holy month.

Th mosque opened in Ramadan last year

This year, the mosque will be providing iftar meals includes dates, fresh fruits, snacks, juice, water and biryani to roughly 700 people.

During regular days, the mosque can accommodate 250 worshippers at a time but facilities for another 700 to pray in the interlocked courtyard of the mosque have been arranged for Ramadan.

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