Magnums. Delivered By Uber. On Jet Skis. Can’t Cope.

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First it was Uber Christmas Trees and Uber Helicopters and then it was Uber Yachts. Well, now it's time for the annual #UberIceCream. A stunt that's very much in line with our core values: food. 

In a nut, Uber is teaming up with the delicious team over at Magnum to help keep us Dubai-ers cool this month.

Not only that, they'll be delivering the ice creams VIA JET SKI (For those on the The Walk at Dubai Marina).  Absolute Heroes.

#UberIceCream will be available throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can order ice creams via the app by selecting ‘Ice Cream’. Easy.

Next, an Uber driver will then head towards your location with a selection of six Magnum bars for a flat fee of AED 40. Inclusive of delivery.

The ice cream party, which takes place in 400 cities around the world, will be taking place on Friday, July 15 from 2pm – 6pm as part of Uber’s annual #UberIceCream party.

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