Plane Goes Down At Skydive Dubai!!


No Casualties, 15 Reported Minor Injuries

A plane, with only the pilot on board, crashed at Sky Dive Dubai early on Friday morning. It's normal for many short trips to take place each day at Sky Dive Dubai and this was one such routine flight. Dubai Media Office reports that the place deviated off course, but didn't give a reason as to why.

Plane Deviates Of Course

Sky Dive Dubai Reports The Incident On Social Media

Operations at Pam DZ to Remain Closed This Weekend

Would You Still Sky Dive?

Although there were no serious injuries, this incident will put a doubt in peoples mind as to their safety when Sky Diving. It's worth pointing out that their record is pretty much impeccably and Sky Dive Dubai are known for their high safety standards. When businesses and tourist attractions that involve any element of risk have an accident, what follows is intense scrutiny, as is understandable. We only have to look at the Alton Towers incident early this year in the UK. We applaud Sky Dive Dubai for using social media effectively and responding to all the tweets about the incident. It shouldn't escalate any further than this, but it probably will.

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