This Snake-Like Creature Has Dubailand Tenants Freaking Out

What is it?

Tenants of Skycourts Towers in Dubailand have reported sightings of the slithering reptile outside Tower B. Resident Ali Ghoul, who posted the video, has alerted the security team to take necessary action and asked other residents to take care of their childen. While they believe this might be a result of the construction work around the area, Dr Reza Khan, local wildlife conservationist and ‎specialist at the Wildlife and Zoo Management at the Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai Municipality, states that the reptile could either be a Limbless Lizard or Sand Boa snake - both of which are harmless and non-poisonous. However, only closer inspection can determine which of the two it really is. He has also advised residents to visit a hospital nearest to them should they be bitten by a snake.

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