This 15-Year-Old Dubai Gamer Earns Up To AED 100,000 Per Tournament

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We can see from the aftermath of Pokémon GO that gaming is a lot more popular in the UAE then people give it credit for. However, according to a recent article by 7DAYS, young gamers are being tempted to choose a career as professional gamers rather than attending university for third level education.

One gamer in particular stated that he could earn more than AED 100,000 

From just one tournament alone, Bradley Ismail, a 15 year old from Dubai, has stated that he can earn more than AED 100,000. He now intends to forgo university in favour of becoming a professional gamer. He has also already made a whopping AED 83,500 from coaching other gamers who play League of Legends.

Ismail's mother, is in full support of her son's decision to not pursue third level education:

 “We do support him. With Brad, I don’t have much concern. He does spend a lot of time gaming, but for a 15-year-old he is very mature.”

Janice Adey Ismail
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