That Time Sheikh Mohammed Texted To Ask If I Was Happy?


Happiness Meter

If Sheikh Mohammed sends you a text Message asking are you happy, chances are you are going to reply right? Also, the chances are pretty high that you are happy!

That's exactly what has happened today. In a unique way to poll the citizens, the Dubai ruler has sent a text message to all Etisalat and Du customers based in Dubai, about 4 million people.

The text message leads to a mobile optimized website, using 3 simple emoticons giving users the option to say whether they are happy, sad or neutral.

Whether this is a fair barometer or not, it tells us a few things...

1. Dubai Places Happiness of Its People as No.1 Priority

Going back to what we said before, Sheikh Mohammed wants us to enjoy Dubai now, not just in the future.

2. Dubai is Moving (VERY FAST) to Becoming a Smart City

Yes it's just a text message, but by combining mobile with digital, and doing it to poll the people, they are creating a live data feed that can be tapped into for other issues in the future.

3. Its a Form Of Democracy

Its easy to say that a country with out proper elections that democracy doesn't exist, however those in power are still concerned with the opinion of the citizens. So, go on, get out the vote!

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Richard Fitzgerald

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