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There’s A Bookstore In Dubai Where Your Money Can Go Into Saving Stray Animals

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Do you love books? Do you find that you go through SO many in a month?

What if we told you that a solution in Dubai has just come up- so that you save some cash, keep reading books and maybe even exchange yours?

If you look closely enough, the city bolsters with offers and initiatives- by the community, for the community. And this one’s no different.

Buy pre-owned and NEW books for only AED10-20 which (partly) goes into saving stray animals

Book Hero is still a profit-making book store, but they do what they can for the community as responsible citizens.

You’ll get to read a new book, save some $$ and feel good ’bout yourself.


The profit made from the sold goods will sometimes allow for Book Hero to go into partially financing TNR campaigns with other vet clinics for cat sterilisations.

Book Hero also does FREE study books swap

Book Hero has rented an adorable space in a mall, being the only allowed place in the UAE where low-income families can benefit from swapping educational books for free.

You can also sell your unwanted books

…by going to their main branch at the Oasis Mall Basement 1.

AMAZING! You can find Book Hero in a number of spots:

Where? Oasis Mall Basement 1

Their daily timings are between 10am to 9pm.

Your best bet is to contact 0507887025 to ask about any pop-ups across the UAE.

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