This Is The Most Encouraging Picture You Will See From Rio 2016

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In a time where the Middle Eastern region is going through so much turmoil, the Olympics is proving otherwise for the Arabs. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is only two days old, positive stories so far being Palestinian competing with a larger team this year and Saudi sending more athletes as well.

This picture is a stunning one for two reasons:

1. It shows that Arabs are endearing themselves to global audiences through sport

Too often Arabs are in the global news for the wrong reasons. Middle Eastern nations don't have a great track record at international sporting events, so there isn't much news on that front either, but there is something endearing about people competing in outfits that kind of represent their culture and where they belong.

2. It highlights that sport unites

The Olympics is all about a community. It's an event that has almost magical powers at bringing people together and creating healthy competition. Irrespective of cultural differences, these two women are focused on their game.

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Lovin Dubai