This Woman Is Still Hopeful To Find Her Missing Cat And Here's How You Can Help

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An ex-Dubai resident shared a photo of her beloved cat, Soki, in hopes of reunification.

Soki went missing two months ago at The Greens, a local community neighbourhood in the city.

Shared on a FB group called 'The Greens', the user stated that she 'still believes Soki is out there somewhere and will be found.'

Every cat or pet parent will relate to this unfortunate feeling.

A substantial reward will be given to anybody who finds Soki

According to Benedicte's description, the feline is very shy and could be hiding only to come out when safe.

She asks that if anyone sees a similar-looking female anywhere in The Greens or around Dubai, to take a photo and send it.

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Contact Benedicte through this link.

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