This Thoughtful Government Initiative Allows The Needy To Enjoy Gourmet Iftars

The process works through approved charity groups


Dubai has a big heart and the Heafz Al Na'amah initiative by Dubai Municipality is proof of that. What it essentially does is allow for surplus food from hotels to be collected and channelled into Iftar redistribution for the needy, but only through approved charity groups.

Food that is in good condition is repacked

These are two kinds: the first is food that hasn't made it to the Iftar buffet, but it has been packed and stored in hot holding cabinets in the kitchen. And the second is food from the buffet that hasn't been touched, but it has been held in chafing dishes all evening. Salads and desserts aren't repacked as cold foods are at high-risk for bacterial contamination. It is only the hot holding food such as biryani, mixed grills, hot mezze that are repacked.


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The Royati Family Society is an approved group that helps in the redistribution of the Iftar. Staff have been trained by Dubai Municipality in personal hygiene practices and safe handling of food

The process maintains a high level of hygiene with all staff wearing hair nets and gloves before they enter the kitchen. Team members assist in repacking food in aluminium containers after which they are loaded into Royati's vans. At this point, Royati team's leader will sign a disclaimer which states the outlet is not responsible for any food poisoning complaints caused by the foods given as charity. 


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Image credit: Gulf News

The meals are distributed to workers living in Al Quoz and Al Muhaisnah

As news spreads about the van's arrival to these areas, workers line up to receive the packed meals. A container can feed between two to three people and a single van covers as many as 150 people at a time. 


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The main aim is to feed the needy, as well as reduce food wastage in the hospitality industry

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