These Three Dubai Lads Went On A Road Trip Of A Lifetime To Amsterdam


What do you get when you put three mates, a Ford 150, essential supplies and loads of enthusiasm together? Perhaps a trip of a lifetime!

Dubai residents Assif Yogi, Saif Poovanchery and Akash Ranjith set off on a road trip to Amsterdam last month with just one main - to share their love for this city which they believe has given them so much. 

Assif Yogi even told a local newspaper: "We are going to carry the happiness of UAE – its power to make dreams reality, its vibrant mix of culture, unity and tolerance – to the countries we’re travelling to and share it with the people as a leading example of a new civilisation in the making."

The start of the journey...

Their journey began on 5 June...

It began with taking a ferry from Dubai to Iran after which they drove through Azerbaijan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium before reaching The Netherlands on 12 July.


The boys at the Hafiz tomb in Shiraz

The highlight of the journey was...

For Saifudheen Poovanchery - meeting interesting people

For Akash Ranjith - learning a smile can break language barriers

For Assif Yogi - understanding the world is still a great place filled with great people

Snapshots of the trip

On a boat


With a biker in Sweden


There was camping


And even meditation in Norway


A little about the boys...

Assif Yogi is a planning engineer at Dubai Civil Aviation and a yoga instructor.

Akash Ranjith is a marketing manager for Explorer Tours.

Saifudheen Poovanchery is the managing director of Explorer Tours.

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