Two Dubai Daughters Reuniting With Their Mum After 28 Years Is The Most Heart Warming Story You'll Read Today


Hyderabad, the capital of southern India's Telangana state, is home for Nazia Begum, a 60-year-old woman whose story has moved many in recent days.

In 1981 she got married to UAE national Rasheed Eid Obaid Rifaq Masmari, an already married man, who took her to Fujairah. She lived there for four years. While in the UAE, she faced difficulties in her marriage and following a dispute with her husband, they got divorced. 

While her husband sent Nazia back to India, he refused to let her take her two daughters  two daughters Ayesha Rasheed Eid Obaid and Fatima Rasheed Eid Obaid along with her.

Nazia remarried a fruit vendor from Karnataka

Two years after her return to India, Nazia's parents married her to a fruit vendor and she has two sons and a daughter from this marriage.

28 years later her daughters, now based in Dubai, go to India in search of their mother

Nazia's daughters from her first marriage, Ayesha Rasheed, now 29 years old, and Fatima Rasheed, now 26 years old, went to Hyderabad in search of their mother. They approached the local police with a photograph of their mother. Posters and pamphlets were printed and circulated all over the area, while TV channels aired the story in order to help these girls find their mother.

It took six months for the police to trace Nazia

While she had brief memories about her daughters, the one thing she could remember was that the younger one had six fingers. After verifying the identity mark, the police arranged the meeting. 


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It was an emotional moment for the girls 

"We never thought we would meet our mother in lifetime. Allah had fixed the meeting and we are glad that we got to see our mother after 28 long years," Ayesha said as they embraced their mother.

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