Eight types of cyclists you'll see out training this weekend

Now they've been inspired by the Dubai Tour

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We told you about the Dubai Tour earlier in the week and we were sure it would get people out on their bikes...were you one of them this morning?  Were you inspired to sign up for a race...see any of these at Al Qudra on your travels?

1. The ones who have all the gear

These guys have paid more for their bike than your average monthly rent, they have the best helmet on the market, their lycra is made out of some futuristic material...and you can be sure they'll tell you all about it.

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2. The ones who hate cycling

These guys huff and puff for the entire practice ride, they don't even like being on a bike but feel like they should do some exercise, feel like they should put themselves through the hell of training for an event that they wish on a daily basis will get cancelled. Their presence is about as welcome as the chafing on a cyclists inner thighs. 

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3. The first-timers

They've put in a practice ride or two, in fact you're unlikely to even catch them at Al Qudra. But, on race day, expect these guys to be out front for the first 20km, their speed then gradually decreases until they eventually pull a U-turn and head home, probably scarred for life by the  whole experience. 

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4. The know-it-alls

Want the lowdown on the latest in aerodynamic helmets and the best tyre-pumping techniques? These guys will bore you to tears on these topics and any other cycling related queries you may, or may not have.

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5. The smug health food fanatics

These guys will look condescendingly at your protein bar and Gatorade as they munch on a homemade fat-free flapjack, while offering everyone some protein balls they made that morning...before a 5am bike ride.

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6. The ones that look unfit...but aren't

Poor fellas; no matter how much cycling they do they just can't shift the pounds, they just love greasy food too much. They're fit as a fiddle but can't shift that pot belly.


7. The couple who go for a 'fun cycle' but end up arguing 

They've just come along to see what all the fuss is about. They don't know anything about this 92KM bike ride, they just heard you can hire bikes at Al Qudra. They're all smiles at the start, but they forgot to bring enough water and 30 minutes in they're seriously dehydrated. They're in the middle of the desert and they want to go home...cue: yelling.

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8. The annoyingly fit ones

This group will keep a steady flow of conversation throughout the entire cycle. This can be particularly annoying at about the 50km mark, when everyone else is struggling through the dust, and seriously reconsidering cycling as a hobby. Seriously, how are you guys not tired?!

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