Wingman Takes Flight Outside Dubai

Don't try this at home

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Recently one of the world's best-known base jumpers, Graham Dickinson, visited Dubai and went looking for a cliff to jump from.

BASE jumping has grown in popularity in recent years. It's parachuting or wingsuit flying from a structure or cliff.

Dickinson drove for two hours and found some arid looking cliffs to jump from in the desert. Here's what happened next:

If you are able for something a bit more gut-wrenching, Graham and his jump partner (Dario) found a jump spot they christened "water" because Graham forgot to bring enough water for the hike. Here's what he had to say:

"Even though it is the cold season in the U.A.E. The temperature here still gets as high as 33°C during the day. I underestimated how long we would be hiking and thought three liters of water would suffice but between my low carb intake and dehydration I was starting to feel a little light headed and fatigued. Dario led the way and was first to jump; he took a massive leap and cleared the rock shelf ledges below by miles and miles. I laughed and thought to myself how I am going to top that?"

Press play on the link below to find out how he got on. Remember to brace yourself.

If you like Graham's work, you can support it on his Patreon page, here

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