Residents Can Donate Goods To Those Affected By The Fire In Zen Tower At Wyndham Dubai Marina

And get a free meal for your troubles, Zen Tower residents can come collect goods.

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Residents wanting to help donate goods to those affected by the residents of the Zen Tower fire today can take goods for them to Wyndham Dubai Marina - and those affected can collect goods. 

The hotel will be distributing clothing, blankets, and personal items to anyone in need from the shocking fire that ripped through Zen Tower this morning. 

If you want to help, take your clothing or goods to the Alloro Ristorante, on the ground floor of Wyndham Dubai Marina. 

The hotel is also offering a free meal to anyone kind enough to donate, at Alloro Ristorante this evening

All you have to do is turn up with the donation and you can avail the free meal. 

The hotel is also offering free accommodation to anyone that needs it, from Zen Tower - to avail this service, please call 04 247 6666.

The hotel is located nearby the Zen Tower, you can find the location and contact information here.