WIN: The Ultimate Tesla Driving Experience Around Dubai Next Week!

It will change the way you look at cars


We live in a city of posh cars. 

Ferraris and Rolls Royces are everyday sightings. But how many electric vehicles have you seen? 

Say hello to Tesla - a fully electric vehicle.

What’s in it for you?

We won’t talk about how amazing or revolutionary this vehicle is. Let’s just say - we’re giving you a chance to experience all its features. You can win a 30-minute experience of being driven around Dubai in a Tesla Model S P90DL (read: the Ludicrous mode which has an acceleration of 0-100 in around 2.8 seconds).

Through your drive you’ll learn about some of the innovative features including the 7-inch touchscreen which controls most functions of the car. The vehicle boasts regenerative braking, a method of braking in which energy is extracted from the brakes to be stored and reused.

If this kind of stuff takes your fancy…

Then you might want to check out the Intersolar Middle East exhibition happening from 19 to 21 September at Dubai World Trade Centre. Think everything to do with solar energy products and technologies. Just make sure you register here first.

Two winners can experience a 30-minute drive each…

Plus they can take a mate along. It’s as simple as answering a straight forward question:


It doesn’t end here…

In January next year, the Emirates Electric Vehicle Road Trip, a five-day tour event across all Emirates, will showcase the best of electric vehicle technology. Expect a fleet of electric vehicles on the UAE’s roads giving out a strong message of a sustainable energy future. As part of the event, there will be conferences and workshops on energy efficiency and sustainable transport. The who’s who of the industry will be sharing their wisdom.

Ben Pullen, Project Leader at Global EVRT, sums it up as: “Global EVRT as an event has found a way to deliver a complex message like green mobility in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Experiencing new technology like the Tesla car changes beliefs around energy and the way we use it. This directly translates into value for future smart cities”.

If you want to be a part of this, register here.

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