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The 10 Most Common Questions You Asked About Dubai Lockdown- Answered

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The 10 Most Common Questions You Asked About Dubai Lockdown- Answered

At the beginning of this week, 24-hour lockdown was introduced, but some questions still hung in the air.

People were unsure where they stood, so Lovin Dubai asked our Facebook family for any questions you might have, and we would do our best to answer them.

A lot has changed in just four days, some of the questions have been cleared up already, but here are the most common 10

*If your question remains unanswered, check out this FAQ guide released by authorities, or reach out to Dubai Police on Twitter for help.

10. Will you need to hold on to your receipts as proof to not be fined

Now, your permit will suffice as your receipt. You must have a screenshot of your movement permit with you when you leave your home, Take note: the radars are working “around the clock for two weeks. There will be a special mechanism to review all tickets issued during this period”.

The vital sector should keep hold of the letter from their employer: “With regard to the exempt sectors and their employees, registration is not required, however they must obtain a letter from the employer stating their movement to & from work. The paper must be presented if stopped by authorities. It can be also used to waive violations by radar.”

9. Am I allowed to go to the bank?

No. Dubai Media Office reported: If you don’t work in vital sectors, you can leave your house for the following reasons only: 1) essentials like food or medicine 2) any medical assistance 3) getting a COVID-19 test. That’s it.

8. Can you take your animal for a walk / to the loo outside?

“It is not allowed and is prohibited in all cases. However, some animals should be taken out to relieve themselves. In such cases, it is acceptable but only if it is in front of one’s residence and for no more than ten minutes while taking the necessary precautions to ensure public safety.” Dubai Police.

7. Do you need a permit to leave your home?

Yes, this has been clarified that all members of the public need a permit to leave home. You can register here. Whether by car, by foot, by bike or by taxi; all members of the public must apply. Employees of the vital sector are exempt from this.

6. Does the government have a plan for those in labour camps?

Dubai Police today announced an awareness drive in labour camps; they are distributing educational material, sterilisation products and essential items. Read it here.

5. How can I travel if I need medical assistance urgently and don’t have the means to travel?

DXBPermits has an emergency option. You could also call an ambulance. Hala taxis are still operating as usual.

4. How can you purchase food?

Supermarkets and groceries are still operating as normal, but you need to secure a permit before you leave your home. Alternatively, try online delivery. See your options here.

3. Are you allowed in the garden/on the balcony?

Yes, if you have a private garden or balcony space you are permitted to be there. Public places are not allowed.

2. What if someone on a visit visa is stuck here?

For peace of mind, the government will extend visit visas for anyone stuck in the UAE. Also, Emirates is operating a number of daily flights to repatriate people. It’s best to get in touch with your embassy/local airlines to check fly routes.

1. What do you do if you are with family in another emirate and want to come back to Dubai?

Unsure on this one. Suggest reaching out to Dubai Police directly on Twitter for help.

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