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You Can Send Lunch To Someone In Need In Dubai For Just AED10

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You can send lunch to someone in need for just AED10, from the comfort of your couch.

LOVE this thoughtful initiative and use of the Zomato platform to encourage us to do a little good!

The next time you’re peckish for a little munch, check out Zomato’s ‘Meals For Hope’ and you can pay for someone in need’s next meal in 3 simple steps.

When you place your order you can pay a little extra to feed someone in need

Spend AED10 to fund one meal for a person in need

Spend AED50 to fund six meals for people in need

Spend AED100 to fund twelve meals for people in need

It’s as simple as checking the ‘Meals for Hope’ option and choosing how many dishes you would like to send

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