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FAKE NEWS: The K-POP Gig In Dubai Has NOT Been Cancelled Due To The COVID-19 Outbreak

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K-pop fans, cry no more!

Rumours of KBS’s upcoming ‘Music Back in Dubai’ LIVE at Coca-Cola Arena as the 15th stop of their world tour, being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak have been widely circulating online and the rumours have NO truth to them whatsoever (at least for now).

Fans have been sharing news articles and tweets mentioning that the concert – which is all set to take place on March 21, has been “cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus and tickets are being refunded according to KBS.”

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) nor Coca-Cola Arena have confirmed these cancellation rumours and for now, the concert (featuring performances from Baek Hyun of Exo, Twice, Seventeen, Jus2 of GOT7 and Monsta X), will still be taking place as planned for March.

Fake news alert!!!

Coca-Cola Arena responded to a query on Twitter a few days ago and confirmed that the concert will be “going ahead as planned”

The performance will be featuring all the best of K-pop under one roof!

KBS’s Music Bank live show will be taking place at Coca-Cola Arena on Saturday, March 21 and the show will later be aired on KBS 2TV

K-pop fans right now:

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