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A Man Takes A Drink From A Fridge In Dubai For A Viral Challenge… Then Leaves It On The Shelf

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A Man Takes A Drink From A Fridge In Dubai For A Viral Challenge… Then Leaves It On The Shelf

A video showing a young man in a supermarket taking a can for a fridge shelf, drinking it, and replacing it back on the shelf before leaving the store is going viral.

The video, originally shared via TikToker @masoom_bacha786786 was reportedly filmed in a hypermarket in Dubai and follows a vile (pre-COVID) trend where wannabe video stars shoot themselves for a video challenge, which has lead to arrests in other countries.

The original video spawned copycats, but as we live through a pandemic, the concerns of a challenge like this generating copies have undoubtedly amplified. And netizens told the content creator as much in the comments of the video which has over 116k views.

The TikToker stated he had permission to film and paid for the juice

When one commentator suggested they would report the video to Dubai Police, Masoom replied, “I think U don’t Have Sence In Dubai Its Possible to do like this? first, I took Permission From The Carrefour Manager And Pay For This Then I shoot”.

Another commenter noted that in the video, (which was uploaded this weekend) Masoom was not wearing a mask, to which he replied, “just visited Carrefour entrance before they check body temperature app peoples around me are safe so no problem if I don’t wear a mask.”

More comments added that the video has been reported to Dubai Police, which went unanswered by Masoom.

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