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Pics: Look inside Dubai's dream offices part 2

Office goals

Offices are where employees spend most of their days, so it's a good idea to spend some effort into making them as appealing and inspiring as possible. This gets the creative juices flowing while maintaining a healthy and fun work environment that, let's be honest, everyone actually needs. 

For this round of the coolest offices in Dubai, we paid a visit to Vita Coco in Mazaya Business Avenue, JLT.

The office of Vita Coco is every bit as cool as you would think! 

From sun chairs to a hammock, this office has the full summer vibe going on, that makes a working day feel like an actual trip to the beach.

It has a relaxing atmosphere, yoga mats and wooden partitions filled with pictures of fun team activities that give you a sense of what a chill and fun working environment the team has during their events. 

Highlights at Vita Coco

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First things first, they have a functioning popcorn machine! And they prepare their delicious popcorn with Vita Coco coconut oil. Unlimited popcorn, talk about perks of the job...

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Get away from your desk and kick back on a comfy chair

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The office is an open working area which allows for easy communication and collaboration between the team, it's filled with brand decorations that helps with creativity and allows for that extra push when those ideas halt for a moment

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The space also has some amazing brand art work on the walls to reflect the chill artsy vibe of the place

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Tired of sitting at a desk all day? Down for a quick siesta to refresh the mind and soul? Look no further

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And most importantly, unlimited coconut water! Hate your boring old office yet? 

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