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PICS: Look Inside Dubai's Dream Offices – Part 3

Biz Group - Inspiring their team to come to work everyday

Cubicles and florescent lights might describe the majority of office spaces today, but our pick for dream offices this round is far from that. 

Imagine a work place with a slide, hover-boards, endless wall art and motivational quotes, positive energy that is so contagious you can't help but feel totally enlightened and ready to tackle whatever goals you had to achieve. 

This all exists in the Biz Group offices, located in International Media Production Zone, Dubai. 

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Biz Group is a training and team building company with the main goal of enriching lives

 It trains teams to work closely together, helps with exciting team building activities and transforms a normal working environment to an exciting adventure filled with achievement opportunities.

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The Biz Group office reflects the positive energy the company promises. It's a big office space buzzing with 'Biz Energy'. (That's a real thing and we can vouch for it!)

The company also has a daily tradition where the whole team comes together at 8.58am and start their day fresh announcing their daily goals. If you feel like you're in need of a pick me up, you're more than welcome to join!

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The space is decorated with astounding wall art. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by designs of the company's values, which the team lives and breathes.

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At Biz Group, the office is their canvas, decorated by members of their own staff -aka "Bizzers"

 In each corner, you find clues that show you how close the group is, how much they care about each other even beyond the usual camaraderie of office life. 

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They have a wall dedicated to sharing dreams. And the team goes all out to provide support and make them happen!

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Each member of the team is part of the big picture. Literally 

Every one in the company sketched what working at Biz Group meant for them and what they aspired to achieve, and it was all mashed up in one big piece of art. 

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There's the happiness wall with notes from all the Bizzers about what makes them happy.

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Every adult's secret dream, an office ball pit!

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A ping-pong table to settle all scores.

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Even the stairs are motivating!

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A bunch of cool decorations and features that add a refreshing feel to the office

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And last but not least, a guest Happy-O-Meter that you click if you feel happy and bizzed after visiting the amazing offices of Biz Group!

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Do you want your work environment to be more like Biz Group's? Guess what - they can help! Biz Group have worked so hard on becoming a happy and engaging place to work that now, they're helping to improve workplace culture and engagement at businesses across the UAE.

Take the first step towards transforming your own business by popping along to their offices. Biz Group are set to start hosting weekly office tours every Thursday at 4pm.

Don't forget to sign the wall before going down the slide!

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Written By

Kawtar Ahfid