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PICS: Look Inside Dubai's Dream Offices – Part 1

No Sunday Blues Here...

With some of the biggest, blingiest and let's be honest, best buildings in the world, it's only right that we explore some of the coolest offices that Dubai is home to. The first edition of Dubai's Dream Offices takes us to Mumzworld in the uber chic Dubai Design District (d3).

We're used to seeing office buildings around Dubai, but how often do we get to have a proper look inside? After all, that's what counts, right? 

Who knows what mysteries are hidden away behind the walls of our skyscrapers? Well now, we do and you guys have got to see this.

Mumzworld is not only located in one of the coolest locations in Dubai, but it's office is also gorgeous. There are beanbags, an old skool leather armchair but best of all... are you ready for this? There's a toy cupboard! We're talking dozens and dozens of toys and games just sitting there. It's a wonder than the staff get anything done!

But they do, as the very shiny (and very populated) awards cabinet proves. 

Without further ado, Mumzworld...

Highlights at Mumzworld:

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There's a wall dedicated to their founding principles, so motivation is never in short supply

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They believe in their product, so toys and goodies are scattered around the office, you'll never be stuck for a gift idea again!

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Toy cupboard. Say no more.

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Office banter. And they leave cute little notes for each other on their birthdays *aaw* 

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The atrium is stunning, not a bad view to experience every morning!

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d3 is an amazing area to work and theres always something new to see, check out the sheep installation...

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You can see the Burj Khalifa on your lunch break, and you're not too far from Downtown

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They're surrounded by amazing cafes and places to eat so food is never an issue (we take that one VERY seriously)

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