VIDEO: Look Inside Dubai's Dream Offices - Part 4

J. Walter Thompson giving its employees reasons to wake up every single day.

For this month's Dream Offices, we picked the irregular, the unique, the different. 

You'd have to think twice before realising this space is actually home to a few dozen employees working a 9-5. 

Picture this - a spacious area filled with details that reflect your personality, low lights, detailed floors and leather couches waiting for you every single working day. 

At J. Walter Thompson in Media City, on the 52nd floor of the Central Business Towers, greatness happens every single day with these super dreamy dream offices!

It's a creative agency that is a combination of various different cultures, personalities and interaction

A group of individuals pioneering the industry, with creativity, dynamism and innovation. 

The space reflects that with its artistic and well-thought-out style .

Comfort is an important one at these offices

Employee convenience might just be one that counts the most. With leather seats and comfortable sofas, conversations and ideas flow easily. 

Comfortable seating allows staff to easily collaborate and brainstorm, ensuring the best ideas and communication happen. 

And can we take a moment to discuss the staircase

With a spiral staircase in pride of place, it's designed to be open, transparent and flowing - as per the company ethos. It's about a non-linear approach, with everything open and cohesive. 

That NYC loft sort of feeling

Perched on the top floor of this building, the ceiling to floor windows invite sunlight in all throughout the day - also showing us the magnificent views of one of the biggest media hubs in Dubai.

Rope Lights

And who doesn't want to stare at Coke merchandise whilst thinking about Justin Bieber?


This dream office does things differently


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