10 Hilarious Photos From #OnlyInDubai This Year That Will Restore Your Faith In 2016

Well, slightly!

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It's been a tough one, there's no denying that. But the beauty of Dubai is the fact that there is always a little bit of sunshine in every situation. The ever-sunny city is packed with weird and wonderful moments - you just have to go out and look. Or if you live indoors, staring at a computer screen then we have found the little bits of sunshine and brought them to you. Happy 2016, sort of. 

1. This public transport fanatic / genius trickster

2. This high fashion take on traditional dress

3. The ultimate embrace to the flooding earlier this year

4. This example of taking 'off-roading' to another element - literally

5. This unusually green passenger

6. Casual

7. Gold, always believe in your con-soul!

8. These jaywalkers that are still hilarious no matter how long you've been here

9. This quarter pounder delivery worth more than a million pound... er

10. The day any Dubai kid waits for

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