17 Amazing pictures from the XDubai Spartan Race

And it looks pretty hardcore...

Spartan 10

Phew...we've just finished our XDubai Spartan Super 13K race...how did you get on? Or are you just here to see what went down? Either way, we've got some amazing pictures to show you exactly what it was like! If you're thinking about doing it next time...this might just be the push that you need, if you did it this time...look out for yourself! Here's how Team Lovin Dubai got on...

Well done to all those who took part, now altogether: WE ARE SPARTAN!


Team Lovin Dubai while they were still clean

Spartan 3
Spartan 4
Spartan 5
Spartan 2
Spartan 6
Spartan 7
Spartan 8
Spartan 9
Spartan 10
Spartan 11
Spartan 12
Spartan 13
Spartan 14
Spartan 15
Spartan 16
Spartan 17

All pictures by Mark Field

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