25,000 AED Per Day To Rent The Seahorse Floating Homes!

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The seahorse apartments are a key recent attraction as part of the world islands at The Heart Of Europe, THOE. There are 100 floating seahorses in total and half of them will be available for rent. During this Octobers soft launch, they will be available for 10,000 AED per day but will rise to 25,000 AED.  It's an extortionate sum of cash, however, they do make them look tempting!

Sleep underwater

The bedroom and bathroom will be underwater, the upper deck will have  a living room, kitchen, and balcony.

This one is the Tsar edition location off the St. Petersburg island!

The world first floating seahorse

The view from the seahorse

The Heart Of Europe has six islands: Sweden (below), Germany, Main Europe, Switzerland, St Petersburg and Monaco.

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