5 Things These Two Legends Have In Common

Apart from being easy on the eye what other similarities do these guys share?


Dubai has gone pretty crazy in the last few days over the arrival of these two legends.

So apart from sharing the same area code we wondered what other likenesses these guys might have

The both have some pretty outrageous kicking abilities...

Both of them can read Beckham's tattoo

Well we hope they both can anyway


Neither of them are afraid of a feminine 'do"

Screenshot-2015-09-30-at-9.30.46-PM 1

Both have been immortalized in the Madame Tussauds 'Hall Of Fame'

Madame Tussauds is an international wax museum which does incredible celebrity likenesses. Plans to open here in Dubai were dashed in 2008 but we'd love them to rethink the idea now.

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Both have endorsed Pepsi products

The may look silly but who are you kidding? For a few extra zeros into your bank account you would too.

pepsi 1

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