50 Pictures That Show Dubai Is The Most Beautiful City In The World

No debating.

Beautiful Dubai

We love Dubai and are pretty sure you do too. If not, scrolling your way to the bottom of the page is all it will take to change your mind. The progress of this place from desert land to a glittering destination has been incredible and here are 50 photos that highlight the city in all its glory. 

1. This pretty much sums up Downtown Dubai

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

2. From where it all began…

A photo posted by Mohd Ahli (@mohdaahli) on

3. Luxury at its best

A photo posted by LEON BASHA (@bashletics) on

4. The best seat to watch The Dubai Fountain

A photo posted by /\ L (@aljvd) on

5. Views and (good) vibes promised at 360⁰

6. A morning on the metro

A photo posted by Dev (@devdxb) on

7. I spy with my little eye…The World Islands

A photo posted by Gold Basket (@goldbasket) on

8. A beautiful silhouette 

9. Against Burj Al Arab

10. So many iconic structures in one frame

A photo posted by #DubaiGems (@in_dubai) on

11. A morning on Kite Beach

A photo posted by lhering (@lhering) on

12. Standing tall

13. The wave-shaped beauty…Jumeirah Beach Hotel

A photo posted by @hotelsworld_ on

14. Top view of The Palm Jumeirah

15. Sunset

16. Up above the clouds so high

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

17. And there’s nature too

A photo posted by Lawrence (@lawrenceiam) on

18. City of lights

19. A highlight of Downtown Dubai – The Dubai Fountains

A photo posted by @handsome76bln on

20. The charm of old Dubai

21. This is what a gorgeous evening on Jumeirah Beach looks like

A photo posted by Dev (@devdxb) on

22. Old meets new

A photo posted by /\ L (@aljvd) on

23. The abras on the Creek

A photo posted by Lovin Dubai (@lovindubai) on

24. The Palace Downtown Dubai

A photo posted by Ariel Caguin (@arielcaguin) on

25. There’s greenery too (It’s Jebel Ali in case you’re wondering)

26. This is life in Dubai Marina

27. Imagine what this hot air balloon flight would be like

Or just read about it here

A photo posted by Olga Smotrova (@solgas) on

28. The architecture of old Dubai

29. The most stunning view of Atlantis, The Palm

A photo posted by Gold Basket (@goldbasket) on

30. The artsy side at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood 

31. The wind tower

32. The sun goes down…the stars come out

A photo posted by Akhilesh Nair (@akhinair) on

33. We can’t get enough of this stunning structure

A photo posted by Ranjith Kumar (@feddy006) on

34. View from the top

A photo posted by /\ L (@aljvd) on

35. It all looks good at night too

36. The city that never sleeps

37. It’s all beautifully planned

38. We have the Miracle Garden too

39. One of the first few landmarks of the city…Jumeirah Mosque

40. Even the golf courses offer views of the skyline

A photo posted by Golf In DXB (@golfindxb) on

41. Are the Emirates Towers amazing or what?

42. The new addition...Dubai Canal

A photo posted by Chirag Khatri (@cvkhatri) on

43. Humble beginnings 

A photo posted by Lea (@swisslea) on

44. Everything blends in effortlessly here…

A photo posted by Dev (@devdxb) on

45. The city is a stage to spectacular NYE fireworks

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

46. Captured from base to top

A photo posted by Gold Basket (@goldbasket) on

47. Sunset looks stunning here

48. Pretty impressive hotels right?

49. There are so many modes of transportation

A photo posted by Akhilesh Nair (@akhinair) on

50. Dubai Marina at night

A photo posted by Rizza Cablao (@yzatot) on

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