12 Stages Of Emotion You Feel In Dubai Traffic

Now you can't even have a sip of water to take the edge off it

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In Dubai, traffic jams are something we deal with every day, and the raw, uncontrollable human emotion you feel when you're stuck in one is overpowering. Now you can't even have a sip of water to try and control that anger...or drive through a McDonald's, and have a burger on the go, to take the edge off things.

Recognise any of these feelings?

1. Optimism

It starts off so well. The sun is shining, you've got your shades on, the radio is playing your favourite song, you’ve even hit a green light or two. 

Today's going to be a good day...right?


you smug fool

2. Slight impatience

And then...you roll up behind a Citroen that's crawling along Sheikh Zayed. Hang on...is it even moving? Is it actually just parked in the middle lane?


3. Annoyance

Why is everyone slowing down? And...stopping. Oh we're standing still. You feel like this Citroen guy is the one who is to blame, even though deep inside, you know if you’d left that little bit earlier you wouldn't be stuck behind this fool.


knowing it's your own fault makes it even worse

4. Anger

To make matters worse, some other dude whizzes past in the emergency lane. Not only was that a BLATANT disregard for the rules but you’re also extremely cross you didn't have the balls to follow him. ARGHHHH!


a creepy staring competition will get you nowhere in this jam

5. Doubt

Actually, what are the chances of getting caught if you did follow that dude into the emergency lane?  

"If I just edge out to the left a little here...NOPE, nope, can't do it, back in line I go!"


the sad face of a guy who knows he's going nowhere fast

6. Regret

Damn! In that split second of doubt, you've managed to spill your illegal coffee down your leg. Then, out of nowhere, the Citroen guy veers quickly left, onto the emergency lane and he's out of sight within seconds! You should have gone for it....WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST BREAK ANOTHER RULE...YOU ALREADY HAD THE COFFEE!


7. Shame

What are you thinking? You're not some rule breaker! Not really, the coffee was just an oversight. Pull yourself together man, it's only a traffic jam. Pop on some tunes and settle back in for ride.


the journey is what you make it my friend


the journey is what you make it my friend

8. Acceptance

Virgin radio just announced an accident near MOE. You wish you had worn more comfortable pants because you now know this is going to be a long one.

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 At 11 52 08

9. Gratitude

At least you don't have a car full of kiddies and the "frozen" song blaring like the poor schmuck in the car next to you.


let it go, let it ggooooooo...aahhhh don't act like you don't know the words

10. Boredom

Ho hum... " I wonder if I can spell my name backwards three times fast ...."

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 At 11 54 08

11. Hope

Oohhh 15 km per hour...you might be finally going places!


It's time to roll

12. Relief

There she looms before you, beautiful exit number 29. You smugly indicate and veer left, taking no pity on the poor unfortunates still stuck in traffic behind you. You're a winner! It only took 45-minutes to do that 10-minute drive...oh.

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