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A University In Dubai Will Start Offering A Degree For Video Gamers

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Gone are the days of degree options being limited to the business, media or anything fiscal-related.

Gamers can now study a degree they won’t get bored of- at all, yet could still benefit them right after graduation.

The University of Wollongong in Dubai, according to reports, will roll out a four-year course that will teach students about video game development and digital animation.

Cool, right?

Who says you can’t make a career out of a hobby?

The new course will start in September, to cater to the growing gaming industry in the Middle East.

Now you might be curious as to what might be taught to students studying for ‘video games’, but you’ll be surprised to find that it will actually compile a lot of different skills taught in other degrees. Some of the classes will include game design, visual communication, mobile apps ( a MUST!), journalism (who knew?), graphic design AND so much more.

More info on the course here. 

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