An 18-Year-Old Teenager Who Was Born In The UAE Had His AED1 Million Fine Waived Thanks To The New Visa Amnesty

Several other cases have also been similarly waived

Uae Visa Amnesty

The UAE's visa amnesty that was announced earlier last month finally kicked off on August 1.

The three-month new visa amnesty scheme marked a new beginning in the lives of countless people who have been living in the UAE illegally.

Not only did this provide a stellar oppurtunity for people to legalise their status in the UAE but also enabled them to finally go back to their own countries.

This service also helped dozens of familes to waive of fines running into the hundreds or thousands of dirhams for overstaying their residency visa.

Case in point- an 18-year-old young man who was born and lived here in Dubai his whole life, albeit illegaly, has had an AED1 million fine waived under the amnesty.

"He was an 18-year-old Asian amnesty seeker who came to us and asked for help as he didn't have any legal documents. He was born here (in Dubai) and didn't have a passport and residency visa since birth. But we waived his fine which was around one million and issued him an outpass," Brig Khalaf Al Ghaith, director general of follow-up sector of violators and foreigners in Dubai, said.

The boy will now be able to return back home without any hitch.

"We've had many cases of people who were born here and did not have the required residency visa since birth but we also waived their penalties (because of the amnesty)," Al Ghaith further added.

The amnesty will continue until October 31.

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