All the best New Year's fireworks around Dubai

Including the Burj Khalifa's display which went off without a hitch...

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Wow! If there's one thing Dubai does better than anywhere in the's fireworks (well there's quite a few things actually). We were lucky enough to have all the prime positions around town, so much so we didn't know where to look there was so much going on. Should we look at the ten-minute spectacle The Atlantis was hosting, was it the Burj Al Arab's insane display or maybe Zero Gravity...or JBR or the other hotels lining The Palm. We even had the boss, Rich doing some inside work opposite the Burj Khalifa, where fireworks went off as planned at midnight. A late start had been expected due to the earlier fire at The Address Downtown.

The good news is...if you missed anything, we've got it's the best of Dubai's New Year's fireworks. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Burj Khalifa...

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Burj Al Arab...

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The Atlantis

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Zero Gravity

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