These Are The Bits Of Dubai You Will Spot In Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek

Now that Star Trek Beyond is out in cinemas, you must have already heard that parts of Dubai have been featured in several scenes of the movie. 

In fact, if you remember, we even showed you a glimpse of Dubai Metro in the trailer. 

Dubai's futuristic and technologically advanced cityscape got thumbs up from executive producer Jeffrey Chernov and it was filmed here. The six-month schedule saw Chris Pine, Idris Elba, Zachary Pinto and Simon Pegg among others in Dubai.

So here's what you will see...

In a futuristic vision of its creators though!

Dubai Metro

The Burj Al Arab

Meydan Racetrack

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Central Park DIFC

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Almas Tower DMCC

Daman Tower

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Sheikh Zayed Road

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