BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester Was In Dubai And This Adrenaline-Filled Video Is Astonishing

Familiar faces make appearances

American athlete and BMX rider, Nigel Sylvester, visited Dubai recently and did all the top tourist things we could think of- with a twist. The 29-year-old's stunts in Dubai's streets, desert and even from the sky had us in awe for the entire 6-minute duration of the video. 

Watch it here:

Dubai's well-known faces Money Kicks and Nusret aka Salt bae were featured too 

The entire editing, music and feel of the video just shows Dubai's vibrancy in fuller force. The video is a part of his Go! series on YouTube that showcases a new type of point-of-view, transitioning each shot from one cultural location to the other.

Screen Shot 2017 08 12 At 5 37 35 Pm
Screen Shot 2017 08 12 At 5 37 52 Pm

He got to go skydiving, scuba diving, visit Deira's souks and even go skiing 

What an eventful trip, indeed.

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