Coming Soon - Check In For Your Flight In A Dubai Taxi On The Way To The Airport

Now it's just the passport control we need to get through...

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We’ve all been there. Five minutes ago, you were scrambling around the drawers in your bedroom, frenziedly trying to find your lost passport. Now you’re in a taxi on the way to the airport and you’re panicking about checking in on time. Well, the latest announcement from Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) and RTA may just solve all your last-minute travel woes.

Teaming with Dubai Airports, RTA are introducing a new service to Dubai Taxis in which passengers can do everything from process their boarding pass and weigh their luggage to print baggage tags en route to the airport – helping less-organised flyers skip those snaking check-in queues in the terminal.

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“The vehicle dispatched will have the equipment required to complete the check-in procedure such as a scale for checking the weight of the luggage, issuing the luggage tag, and printing the boarding pass.”

Ahmad Khalfan Al Suwaidi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation

According to the Dubai Taxi Corporation, it’s all about customer satisfaction. The plan is currently being implemented across the emirate and will mark the first of its kind anywhere in the world (we all know how Dubai loves to be the first).

Now all we’re left wondering is how they’re going to manage the baggage drop-off queue in DXB. Hopefully better than Etisalat manage theirs.

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