Chef bites into waiter's ear in Bur Dubai

Because 'he insulted his girlfriend'

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Everyone knows that chefs have a short temper..but wait until you HEAR this one... 

A chef who didn't take too kindly to his girlfriend being harassed by one of his waiters took revenge by bursting into the waiter's room one night and biting his ear...ouch!

The Lebanese chef, 23, attacked the Egyptian waiter for apparently insulting his girlfriend, who also works with the pair.

Details of the altercation were heard at the chef's trial, he went on to admit to the assault charge.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the chef's girlfriend told him that the waiter, who was a friend, had been in the lift with her when he made an insulting comment, having previously pestered her too.

7days reported that the chef marched in to the waiter’s room at their accommodation in Bur Dubai at 1.30am and went straight for his ear. Then went on to repeatedly punch him.

The waiter’s Chinese roommate, aged 24, testified: “The defendant came to the room and shouted in Arabic at the victim. They both started yelling and then fought. The chef punched the waiter several times and I tried to stop them. I saw blood coming out of the victim’s ear.”

Although the ear stayed in tact, the waiter has been left with 'some disability'. 

The men have agreed on a compensation package.

Let's hope the Judge had a firm word in the chef's ear too (sorry, couldn't help it).

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