This Cyclist Thought His Bike Had Been Stolen After He Forgot It But Some Kind Strangers Saved The Day

Lost Bike

Ever had those days where you're memory just wasn't working? 

Misplaced your keys, your phone, maybe you can't find that pen you had just a second ago.

But have you ever managed to forget your bicycle?

That's what one unlucky Dubai resident managed to do this week after he had gone for a cycle.

He left his bike in a carpark after a morning cycle

Returning much later in the day he was saddened to find that his bike was not where he had left it.

Obviously fearing for the worst that his bike may have been stolen, he took to social media for some help and he posted a plea for anyone who may have seen it.

However, in true Dubai fashion, the bike hadn't gone far.

The kind cleaners of the carpark has found the bike and placed it in their store for safekeeping overnight.

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It's stories like these that really prove how safe Dubai is

The panicked cyclist was quick to praise the kind cleaning team who kept his bike safe and Dubai as a city which prides itself on it's safety. 

Where else in the world could you leave your bike somewhere overnight, unattended and unlocked without it 'disappearing forever'! 

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