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This Dubai Eatery Is Running A Massive Chicken Wing Contest

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If you think chowing down chicken wings is up your alley then the only place you should be parking yourself at on May 23 is Original Wings and Rings. Wait…it’s not your usual dinner with mates where you order a plate of mild wings and go on about how amazing they are and how you could keep eating them. It’s competition time! The American sports bar is throwing diners a challenge to eat as many wings (in a set time) to win the title – King (or Queen) of Wings.

The mechanics: pretty simple!

If you’re 21 years old or above, sign up to the challenge FREE OF COST and turn up to Original Wings and Rings at 8pm on May 23. On a two-minute timer, all you got to do is sink your teeth into as many medium-hot sizzling wings as you can. Obvs if you’ve managed it better than anyone else has, you’re crowned the winner. And in case you happen to be cynical, let’s assure you…in the situation of a tie, contestants will battle it out with an additional round of wings.

What do the winners get?

Dine-in cash voucher worth AED 1,500 (first place), AED 1,000 (second place) and AED 500 (third place). In short…weekend sorted!

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