Dubai Firefighters Are Going To Do What With Jet Packs?!

Hello future, it's nice to finally arrive.

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Only a couple of days ago a video of Jet Man went viral as he traveled alongside an Emirates plane at incredible speeds.

This incredible use of jet packs has certainly alighted the imaginations of many (yes of course we're imagining ourselves using one!) but as per usual Dubai is ahead of the game.

These $200,000 jepacks have already been especially commissioned for firefighters to tackle blazes, particularly any in many of Dubai's high rise buildings.

(Dubai) has been a world leader in adapting new technology to improve and save people's lives, the introduction of Martin jet packs into our fleet of emergency response vehicles is another example of how Dubai leads the world.

Lieutenant Colonel Ali Almutawa , Dubai Civil Defense

Martin Aircraft Company are 'the makers of the first practical jetpack' and this is the first large order they have received. Since 20 jet packs were ordered by Dubai's Civil Defense shares in the company have risen by this going to be the start of something huge?

We can't think of a better use for such an amazing product.

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Photo credit: Martin Aircraft Co

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