Dubai is the most expensive city in the world - survey finds.

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Dubai has been found to be the most expensive city in the world to visit for one night. There are many of these reports conducted measuring various factors, this particular one was carried out by British travel company Hoppa. The survey included the cost for each destination based on six things tourists purchase while on holiday: a pint of hops, cup of coffee, meal for two, bottle of wine, hotel room for one night and taxi fares. In the end, our Dubai came out on top. Here are the top five most expensive 

1. Dubai - 1,465 AED
2. New York City - 1,349 AED
3. Botswana - 1,182 AED 
4. Marrakesh - 1,173 AED
5. Sydney - 1,066 AED

Dubai is ahead of New York City as the most expensive with an average cost of 1,465 AED per person

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Dubai 5 star hotels are deemed the most expensive in the world at an average rate of 1,124 AED per night

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Dubai comes on top again for the cost of beverages...

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