Dubai Has (Again) Been Ranked Amongst The Most Popular Global Destinations On Instagram

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HARDLY any kind of breaking news for us residents but it is official once yet again - Dubai is one of the most Instagrammable places in the world.

A new research has revealed that Dubai is the fourth most popular places on the social media platform

The research was conducted by global airport transfer company called "Arrive Happy" and it revealed that the Dubai hashtag has been used OVER 80 MILLION (!!!) times this year just through March.

This, of course, makes complete sense (and, no, this is not our bias talking) because Dubai is constantly ranked amongst the top tourist destinations in the world, has the MOST spectacular views, and is just all sorts of goals.

(How is this place even real?)

Still - feels a bit of a smug moment when research confirms what everybody's been knowing all along.

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